Porn Proof Your Child

Porn Proof Your Child

I highly recommend Teresa Cook as a speaker. Not only does she possess the credentials of a professional writer and speaker, she also comes prepared and ready to motivate and inspire others with a message of hope mingled with practical applications and personal examples from a Biblical perspective.
Her deep faith in God shines through both her written and spoken words. I believe that this openness and strength is what warms people to her and her message. They know that they're hearing truth with a message of hope.

K. Martin, Chair
Christian Women's Writer Circle

Any group that secures Teresa's speaking services will be blessed with her message, practical applications, and spiritual maturity.

M. Koch, President
ACW chapter

Teresa Cook pours the same passion into speaking as she does her writing. Her heart's desire is to help parents defend their children against pornography and to teach youth to defeat porn's temptation in their lives. Relying on scripture, she reveals God's plan for standing strong against this powerful foe.
Teresa's personal knowledge of living the day-to-day struggle with a child addicted to pornography gives her the ability to relate to parents and teens alike in a meaningful way. Her message has been described as "very effective and easy to follow" and her style as "friendly, genuine, and practical."
Teresa has published over eighty articles for Christian publications. Her experience and upbeat personality make her a popular writing workshop leader for writers' groups as well as the general public. Her workshop on Tackling Tough Topics is a particular favorite at writers' conferences.


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