Porn Proof Your Child

About Teresa Cook

Teresa Cook gave her heart to the Lord at the age of nineteen. She has been married for over thirty years to a wonderful Christian man, and they have two grown sons. Since learning her older son was addicted to pornography, Teresa has worked to educate parents about this silent epidemic. Through writing and speaking, Teresa hopes to accomplish two goals:
  • To help parents steer their children away from pornography
  • To guide parents in helping free their children from pornography’s grip
Teresa’s nursing background, extensive research, and passion for the subject put her in a unique position to assist parents in navigating pornography’s muddy waters. More importantly, her personal knowledge of living the day-to-day struggle with a child addicted to pornography gives her the ability to relate to parents in a powerful and meaningful way.

About the site

Launched during Pornography Awareness Week 2007, Porn Proof Your Child not only gives parents practical steps they can take to protect their children from pornography but also provides spiritual applications they can use to help their children resist this powerful temptation. Check back each month for new featured articles.

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